What products can be marketed in our country?
Currently, HAIDY Home is our export product. For more information about HAIDY Home, click here.
Do you have a dealership or sales representation in our country?
Our partnership network has been constantly growing. Web page with complete list of partners is under way. Are you interested? Do you want to join us and become our distributor or reseller in your country? Then send a brief info about your company and a cover letter to sales@haidy.cz.
What is your business model for exporting?
In every country where we do business, there will be one specialized distributor and network of trained partners (resellers). Partners will deliver our solution to end customers, install it and also take care of service, while distributors will take care of marketing, product support and all logistics issues.
What are the terms and conditions for service partners and distributors?
Retail and partner prices are determined by HAIDY's trading policy and are available for our service partners and distributors on our partnership portal. We offer very attractive trade terms; you will find out more during our bilateral meeting.
What should we do to become HAIDY distributor or reseller?
Just contact us at sales@haidy.cz. Send us a brief information about your company and a cover letter with short description of your plans and intentions.
Where do we get product sheets, booklets or manuals?
Find some basic materials in „Supporting Documentation“ section on our web pages. More detailed stuff, including sales support tools, is available in partnership section of our web pages. However, it can be only accessed by our partners and distributors.
Where do we find partner prices?
HAIDY Home is a packaged solution of home automation, comprising hardware components, software and fittings/accessories. The final end user price is therefore a summary of prices for necessary hardware and software elements, reflecting the required configuration. The price list of individual components is therefore available as the price list of the spare parts only. These components are not fuctional should they be delivered outside the delivered system. We have made an online calculator available to our partners in order to make the calculation easy and straightforward. It is structured in a manner enabling to precisely calculate the cost of the required configuration. It should be noted, however, that even this calculator should be used by a qualified professional who understands the basic principles of home automation.
What are your marketing plans in our country?
Marketing support will be anchored by our distributors. We will strongly support our presence at trade fairs and exhibitions and on-line promotion of our products.
Does HAIDY Home conform to the legislation in our country?
All parts of HAIDY Home comply with EU safety, health and environmental requirements and carry a CE marking. If you want to install HAIDY Home outside the EU, please contact international sales . We will provide you with detailed information about certification issues in your country.
How do you deliver your products to our country?
Our distributors are responsible for all deliveries. If there's no HAIDY distributor in your country and you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us at sales@haidy.cz.
How is your product installed?
Our certified service partners take care of the installation. They have all neccessary components, including control unit with HAIDY software. They also take care of all neccessary wiring, cabling and configuration settings.
What is the delivery time for HAIDY Home?
Standard delivery will be made within four weeks from placing your order. For large-scale deliveries or special requests please contact international sales.
How do you handle potential complaints?
All complaints are handled by our certified service partners and authorized distributors in a particular country.
When are you planning on launching affiliate (partner) selling of HAIDY Plus?
HAIDY Plus affiliate programs will be launched step by step according to marketing plans of our particular partners.
What is the difference between HAIDY Home and HAIDY Plus?
HAIDY Home is a compact system, distinguished by quick installation, easy operation and clean user interface. HAIDY Plus is a customized system featuring multimedia functions (camera system, multiroom audio), graphical user interface with a house plan, user-defined conditional actions, energy management with predictions of future energy consumption etc.
How is the system controlled?
System is operated, like any other standard wirings, through the use of wall-mounted switches. Security alarm is controlled via keyboard with RFID reader. Graphical user interface is represented by web pages, accessible from your cellphone, tablet or personal computer. A native application for Android and iOS is also available.
What language versions are currently available?
There are Czech and English versions currently available. As far as other languages are concerned, the localizations are already under way. User interface of HAIDY Home system can be localized for any language within one month from placing your order.
Are you planning on including AC control to HAIDY Home?
This is our goal for the nearest future. Development is currently under way, for latest information please contact international sales.
When are you planning on launching a wireless solution?
According to our development plans, a wireless solution should be available in the second half of 2014.
Are you planning on including multimedia functions (audio/video) to HAIDY Home?
Whole concept of HAIDY Home is focused mainly on the control of operating technologies and security measures. Currently we are not planning on including multimedia functions to HAIDY Home.
What is the product roadmap for the nearest future?
During the course of 2014, we are planning on increasing the number of connectable switches and heating zones. We will also implement GSM communication, energy management and wireless solution.
What kind of hardware do you use?
HAIDY Home system is based on PLCs by Teco. Teco company has been developing and manufacturing this technology for many decades. PLC is an autonomous control unit, connected to the local network and communicating with other system members via CIB bus. These members collect the information (e.g. measured physical quantities) and control all connected devices (e.g. via relay switching or analog voltage 0–10 V).
What is the topology of HAIDY Home?
HAIDY Home is a two wire CIB bus system. This type of bus allows virtually any branching and ensures both data communication and power supply of connected members. These members can be further connected to various kinds of security devices (e.g. motion detectors, magnetic contacts, smoke detectors), lighting fixtures, sockets, shutters, blinds, convector heaters, thermostatic radiator valves, heat recovery units or any other relay-controlled members.
What kinds of bus protocols do you use?
We use CIB buses. For overview of all components connectable to HAIDY control unit, see our HAIDY Home Catalogue.
What frequencies and protocols are used in wireless solution?
We use a frequency of 868MHz, proprietary protocol and encrypted communication.
Is it possible to add another hardware to existing products?
HAIDY Home system features a fixed set of bus members. Using these members, any configuration can be created (depending on customer's requirements). System has been designed to suit the needs of most owners of both small and large houses.
Is it possible to modify your products?
HAIDY has been constantly developing and extending system functions. Neither customers nor service partners can modify our software. If you want to add any functional modules, please contact international sales.